Mr Chuah K. P.

Mr Chuah K. P.

  • 英文语言和综合论述卷教学专家
  • Mr Chuah 新加坡国家教育学院(NIE)硕士学历
  • 获得英语语言教学多伦多大学 TEFL 认证
  • 获得剑桥 CELTA A级认证

Tutoring Experience

  • Has seven years of English language teaching experience
  • Taught in various tuition centres and delivered effective English language lessons catering to secondary and junior college students

 Teaching Style

  • Upholds active communication with parents in order to provide updates about student’s progress
  • Able to give detailed assessments to students respectively if needed
  • 英文教育学硕士,新加坡国家教育学院(NIE)
  • TEFL 认证,加拿大多伦多大学
  • 工程荣誉硕士,新加坡南洋理工大学(NTU)
  • 新加坡教育部奖学金获得者


Mr KP Chuah graduated as an NTU Scholar. He went on to pursue a Masters Degree in National Insitutute of Education (NIE). Having taught GP for 8 years, he believes that time should be spent wisely on GP revision. KP also simplifies the subject immensely and breaks down the subject into a very structured way that students can follow and understand. Over 80% of his students have received As and Bs in their A Level.


My approach to teaching is all about efficiency. Reading articles is GREAT, if you have the time.

I encourage my students to read more. However, if you are depending on this as an exam strategy, you may be sorely disappointed.

Let me tell you why.

Firstly, not all students know how to translate what they read to their essays and AQ. Secondly, reading articles mindlessly means you forget 80% of what you read. Lastly, many students simply do not have the time to read as widely as they should. Think of the other A level subjects. That is why you need to rely on cheatsheets to help you with your revision. The condensed info will definitely boost your content knowledge in minutes. I also give regular quizzes to students to help them remember important info.

Make no mistake. I love reading, and I hope I can inspire all my students to become avid readers. But I’m also a big advocate of studying smart.